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            Application of cold water machine in the industry
            Application of cold water machine in the industry
            Zhangzhou World Bearing Corporation Limited win the trust and support of the large customers, products are suitable for plastic,paper, pharmaceutical,food, chemical, metal plating, electronic, optical DVD discs, textile, spray, magnesium alloy die-casting, rubber, tire,
            extrusion, civil construction industries is the preferred equipment. Products are exported to India, Malaysia, Vietnam,
            Singapore, Thailand and other countries, and many domestic and foreign counterparts OEM manufacturing.
            With the development of industry, water cooling machine is used more and more widely in the industry, the following cold water machine is in which industry and role in its industry application to do a show:
            1. the plastics industry: cold water machine used in the plastic processing machinery mould cooling,it can greatly improve the plastic product surface finish, reducing the plastic surface marks and internal stress, so that the product does not shrink,  it is not easy to deformation, plastic product release, accelerate product design, thereby it greatly improve the production efficiency of plastic molding machine.
            2. Chiller used in CNC machine tools, jig boring machine, grinding machine, machining center, machine tool and various types of precision machine tool spindle lubrication and liquid cooling system transmission medium,it  can accurately control the temperature, effectively reducing the thermal deformation of machine tools, improving the machining accuracy of machine tool.
            3.The electronics industry: the stable molecular structure of electronic components are in the production line, improving the qualified rate of electronic components, using for ultrasonic cleaning industry, and effectively prevent from expensive volatile cleaning agent and volatile bring harm. Electroplating industry: control the plating temperature, increasing the plating density and smooth, shortening the plating cycle, improving production efficiency, and perfecting the quality of the products.
            4, the construction industry:it supplies for concrete to use the frozen water,making the construction for the concrete be suitable for the user o requirement,it will enhance effectively the hardness and toughness of concrete.
            5, vacuum plating: vacuum coating machine control temperature, in order to guarantee the high quality plating.
            The food industry: using for high-speed cooling food after processing, so as to meet
            the packaging requirements.In addition to control food ermentation temperature etc.
            6. Chemical fiber industry: Refrigated Air Dryer,ensuring product quality.Chiller is easy to arise the trouble and eliminate the method.
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