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            Screw water chillers said simply
            Screw water chillers are divided into air cooled and water cooled, the main purpose is to two categories, one is plant water, and the other is a category of central air conditioning unit.

            The first to talk about using this piece of equipment, plant uses is generally needed to cool down for water, the demand of the factory there is not the same as the temperature. The use of temperature above zero, minus temperature use. Such as plastic products, in order to improve the efficiency and product quality, the use of cold water can achieve rapid prototyping, stripping, improve product finish. This kind of equipment is generally more than ten degrees water temperature, or more than 20 degrees water temperature, if the temperature is not the same, the refrigeration quantity is not the same, here also emphasize one point: equipment required temperature is not the same, then the screw type water chiller cooling capacity in the required temperature is not the same, generally the same type of chillers, use the higher the temperature, the larger cooling capacity, the use of low temperature refrigeration quantity is small. The refrigeration quantity parameters are generally manufacturers; there will be a basis. On the basis of chilled water refrigeration capacity dimensioning, inlet and outlet water temperature: 12 ℃ /7 ℃, the cooling water inlet and outlet water temperature: 30 ℃ /35 ℃, that is to say the refrigerating capacity dimension size is in 7 degree water, refrigeration capacity of 12 degree water measured.

            If the water temperature is minus 20 degree, if the cooling capacity is 20 degrees below zero to measure words, refrigerating capacity may not have the compressor motor power. So the choice of screw chillers is according to a certain temperature to select, it is not according to how many calories a call, or a cooling capacity of KW.
            chiller isnot chose small is big.  Water-cooled screw chillers use chiller General Factory,
            a water-cooled covers an area of small, indoor and outdoor can place, if the temperature is not very low, the winter can be directly used for cooling tower.It can achieve the purpose of saving.

            Special emphasis: plant water does not recommend the use of air cooled screw chiller.

            Coming to talk about the central air-conditioning chillers, in fact,  we usually say that air conditioning of refrigeration quantity;it is the 7 degrees effluent, 12 degrees backwater.
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