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            The difference of water cooling and air cooling chillers in industrial
            First statement : the working principle of water cooled chiller and air-cooled chiller is the same, the same is with circulating water cooling, water cooling is suitable for older equipment, the more big is because  water-cooled must be equipped with external water tower to cool, if the required refrigerating quantity is not big such as refrigerating capacity below 10KW, we will recommend with air cooled machines,lots of people listen to air-cooled chiller mistakenly thought it was the required equipment for blowing cold like a fan, in fact,it is not the same, air-cooled and water-cooled is the same, it will achive the cooling effect with the water cycle, it only comes with the fan itself so as to save a part of the cooling tower. Advantages is more convenient to install,it is easy to maintenance etc... Air cooled units can be used in small systems; large unit is mostly water or industrial screw water chillers. Water cooled machine is a little less than air cooled machine for the initial investment,But it is with a cooling tower and a machine room, electronic water treatment instrument,  the refrigeration efficiency will decrease the relative water chiller for many years running, air-cooled machine is not as that. Air cooled chiller adopts the way of air, it will save the system of the necessary cooling tower,cooling water pump and pipeline system ,It will avoid water poor areas forn and cause by condenser fouling, pipe blockage, saving water resources, maintain and repair are the most economical,simple models in the product of the present cold air condition equipment.

            Air cooled chiller should be slightly higher than the water cooled chiller with one time investment, but the annual operating costs lower than the water cooled chiller, the room construction costs is the most least in various of air condition cold source system,maintenance costs is about half the cost of water-cooled or boiler, the wind cold water unit noise and volume is water-cooled, it only install the outdoor.Water-cooled units are installed in the basement. The common point of air cooling and water cooling are also stable refrigeration effect. We hope it will help for you.
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