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            What is the working principle of refrigerated air dryer?
            What is the working principle of refrigerated air dryer?
            Compressed air water vapor content is determined by the temperature of the compressed air; keeping the pressure of compressed air in the case of unchanged, it can reduce the compressed air in the water vapor content which reducing the temperature of the compressed air, and the excess water vapor condenses into a liquid. The freeze dryer for drying compressed air refrigeration technology is adopted by this principle. Therefore, the Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer is with cooling system.

            Profile freezed dyer principle:
            Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer in a refrigeration system belongs to the refrigeration, the refrigeration compressor,  evaporator, oil;
            expansion valve consists of four basic components. Between them with pipe are connected in turn, forming a closed system, the refrigerant in the system continuously circulating flow, stating  changes to exchange heat with the compressed air and the cooling medium. Refrigeration compressor evaporator inner low pressure (low temperature)refrigerant
            sucked into a compressor cylinder, refrigerant vapor compressed, pressure, temperature increase; high temperature and high pressure refrigerant vapor is pressed to the condenser, the condenser, refrigerant steam with high temperature low temperature of
            cooling water and air by the heat exchanger, the heat of refrigerant by water or air to take and condensed, refrigerant vapor into liquid. This liquid is conveyed to the expansion valve, the expansion valve to the low temperature low pressure liquid into the evaporator; liquid refrigerant in the evaporator temperature, low pressure absorption heat
            of the compressed air and the vaporization (commonly known as the "evaporation"), and compressed air cooled condenser produce large volumes of liquid water; refrigerant steam evaporator in has been sucked refrigerant compressor, it is in the system after compression, condensation, evaporation, the throttle four process, to complete a cycle. In freeze drying in a refrigeration system, evaporator is conveying cooling equipment, the refrigerant absorbs heat of the compressed air in them, achieve the goal of dehydration and drying. Compressor is the heart, the suction, compression, conveying
            refrigerant steam function. The condenser is a heat equipment, the evaporator absorbs heat with heat input power of compressor, transformation is passed to the cooling medium (such as water or air). Expansion valve / throttle valve for refrigerant throttling effect, controlling and regulating the refrigerant liquid into the evaporator and the number, and the system is divided into high and low pressure side of two parts.
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