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            Mold cooling system
            Mold cooling system

            Mould cooling water equipment should be satisfied :
            1, the process temperature requirements
            2, cooling water processing requirements;
            3,energy saving
            Mould cooling water equipment purchase reference:
            The outlet water temperature of 25 ℃
            Inlet water temperature ≤ 20 ℃
            The circulating water flow 700L/min
            Reference value of cooling equipment processing capacity:
            Die circulating water unit of time (hours) internal heat generated as
            Q -- Unit time (hours) heat generated in J/h;
            The specific heat of Q water -- water volume is 4.2 × 103J/Kg. ℃;
            △ T -- process temperature drop by 5 ℃ Max calculation;
            V -- Flow for 175L/min * 4 cavity, namely 700Kg/min;
            T -- Taking 60min as a unit;
            According to the energy conservation, the unit of time required for the
            cooling water (i.e.: minimum equipment processing capacity):
            A: cooling water temperature is 5 ℃, process temperature of 18 ℃
            M T -- cooling water required per unit of time;
            Q -- Unit time (hours) demand reduced calories J;
            The specific heat of Q water -- water volume is 4.2 × 103J/Kg. ℃;
            △ T -- 18 ℃ -5 ℃ =13 ℃;
            Alpha -- taking into the environmental factors and the pipeline heat loss, the loss coefficient 1.3;
            According to the unit time is transformed into heat, cooling capacity:
            G -- The refrigerating capacity
            Q -- Unit time (hours) heat generated in J/h;
            T -- 1H 3600s
            Conclusion: the refrigeration capacity is greater than 245kw; and in accordance to the water temperature 5 ℃, hour processing capacity is above 21 tons of cooling water device ,it can meet two pieces of the requirement of production .

            The total V -- m 3 circulating water volumes;
            V1 -- the circulating water unit of time the amount of M 3 /h;
            V2 -- the amount of time the cooling water unit’s m 3 /h;
            Alpha -- considering the future for  two mould parts and mould single cavity flow expansion,the expansion coefficient 2.3;
            design dimensions cooling pool:
            The long -- 6M
            Wide -- 5m
            Deep -- 5m
            Conclusion: the water volume is 150m 3. It can meet the requirement of cooling water recycling.
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