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            Which water cooling machine is more suitable for their own equipment?
            Which water cooling machine is more suitable for their own equipment?

            There have many opened plastic products factory, especially in the use of the process of injection molding circulating water and circulating oil cooling machine with the friend,you do not know which
            type of chillers when you purchase the industrial cooling water machine,in order to reach our requirement of the cooling effect,or you do not which kind of machine is more suitable for their own production workshop.
            I want to tell you about some simple selection methods, hoping to help some friends. Here we are on the two aspects from other suggestions and suitable type cold water machine:

            1. the standard chiller temperature is 5 degrees (15 degrees, 20degrees), if a -10HP/7.5KW chiller,its standard flow is 3,5 cubic per hour. So when you try this chiller chiller,you do not only see the flow,you will still need  see how much the temperature ,you will reducd the flow of cold water per hour from 3.5 cubic meters to 1 a multi cube if your trial temperature is from 58 degrees to 7 degrees, the temperature difference is very large. If you need 3.5 per hour cubic flow about the chiller, you will choose much bigger models
            2.It will see that you are direct cooling or indirect cooling when the cold machine is used.Direct cooling is the water directly into the cold water machine,it will be cold your products you need with the cold water,Indirect cooling equivalently put water in the pot, putting a small pot in pot, putting the cooling products in the small pot,
            relatively indirect cooling effect will be worse. So,you will consider this aspect when you are selecting.
            Some users use water for cooling, they have the following drawbacks :(1) water quality is poor, it is easy to plug the machine channel, resulting in greater losses. (2) A waste of water resources, improving the user cost. (3) When the weather is hot, the water temperature is not up to the requirements, affecting product quality and efficiency.

            First, we should make clear cold water machine which several types are divided: General Factory will produce the two water-cooled and air-cooled .

            Water cooling machine, and it can be divided into openning type, box type and screw type. Cold water machine water cooling type, it has to add cooling water tower and water pump, using to extract water cooling, and it can reach the better cooling effect.

            The open cold water machine,it is also  in addition to the installation of a water tank,it must not seal.Because it built a water tank itself,it is convenient for maintenance somewhere the open will be installed in the workshop,But it is not beautiful, so it has a sealed water cooling type cold water machine, because it is the structure of box body, the more popular. But if it is very big you need for the refrigeration quantity, we must use cold water machine screw type, and then we will call it the chiller.
            Air cooled chillers, in which body contain a heat insulation box and the water pump, without the need for additional cooling water tower to heat. Installation and removal are very convenient, but it is high in requirement of working environment. First of all, because it will be refrigerated with hot air circulating,it will directly affect the effect of refrigeration chiller if it is bad effects for the installation workshop.
            In addition, if you want to put cold water machine on the humidity requirements dust-free workshop, then we advise you modified water-cooled. Because the air-cooled chiller, it will take top spray water steam to heat.
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