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            The four parts of Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer
            The four parts of Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer
            The refrigerated dryer of  four parts. Refrigerated Compressed Air
            Dryer is a process that removes water or other solvents from frozen
            biological products by sublimation. Sublimation is a solvent, such as water, as dry ice, it is not through the liquid, directly  changing into gaseous process from the solid state. Below we have a look cold and dry machine main parts and the role.
            (1) The refrigeration compressor
            Compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system, most of the current compressor adopt fully sealed reciprocating compressor. The compressor suction from the evaporator refrigerant gas is compressed to a high temperature and high pressure steam, and finally it will be discharged by the exhaust pipe.
            (2) Condenser
            The function of condenser will discharge the high pressure of the refrigerant compressor, superheated refrigerant vapor cooled into liquid refrigerant;the heat is taken by the cooling water or cooling air. Refrigeration process can be continuously carried.
            (3) Evaporator
            The evaporator is the main heat exchange unit for the Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer,the compressed air in the evaporator is forced cooling, most of which water vapor cooling  condense into liquid water to discharge out of the machine,so that the compressed air reaches drying.The low-pressure refirgerant liquid is in the evaporator,The low-pressure refrigerant liquid in he evaporator, the phase change into the low-pressure refrigerant vapor, absorbing ambient heat during the phase change process,so that make the compressed cool.
            (4)Thermal expansion valve (Mao Iguana)
            Thermal expansion valve (Mao Iguana) is the cooling system of the throttle body. In the refrigerated compressed air dryer,evaporator refrigerant supply and its regulation realize through the throttle mechanism. Throttle body make cooling  from high temperature and high pressure liquid and get into the evaporator of refrigeration.
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