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            Professional plastic industry cooling water machine, industrial cold water machine, the low temperat
            Professional plastic industry cooling water machine, industrial cold water machine, the low temperature of cold water machine,screw chiller.
            Hiross product specially kinds of water chiller,air cooled chiller, chiller, cold-water machine, screw cold said machine, air-cooled heat pump units of the company,  first quality,excellent service.

            The performance form of Hiross mechanical chillers, it can be roughly divided into:

            Air cooled chiller features:
            1. without cooling tower, easy installation, convenient movement, suitable for lack of water without water tower.
            2.Low noise fan motor, the cooling effect is
            excellent, stable throttling mechanism,excellent anti rust treatment.

            Adopting imported high performance compressor, high EER value, low noise, stable running..
            Water-cooled chiller features:
            1. The human body engineering panel, automatic control, equipped with precision electrical temperature controller, they can stablely operate for a long term.
            2.Using efficient heat transfer heat exchanger, cooling capacity is lost,it is easily return oil,the transfer tube can not happen the chapped advantages.
            3. Using the imported high performance compressor, high EER value, low noise, stable running.

            Air cooled low temperature water machine features:
            The low temperature chillers are special designed for special low temperature environment,the refrigerating capacity is superior for hotels, restaurants, food supermarket and other commercial establishments, meat, seafood, frozen large cold storage, refrigeration, the refrigeration field, frozen food processing / storage, pharmaceutical etc, and provideing reliable guarantee chemical and other low temperature environment.
            All kinds of  the products,including high temperature (outlet temperature of -5℃), temperature (outlet temperature of -10 ℃), low temperature(outlet temperature of -20 ℃), the ultra low temperature (outlet temperature of -40 ℃) four series.
            1.The height of the structure is optimized, using a heat exchanger plate for supporting the body, simple structure, compact and practical.
            2.High quality screw compressor and high efficiency can be the perfect combination of heat exchanger, energy efficiency much higher 4.5.
            3. Four or endless capacity control, precisely fitting load changes.
            Water cooling type low temperature chillers –features:
            The chiller has the advantages of small volume, large refrigerating capacity, the world famous brand compressor inlet temperature, excellent performance, reliable and durable,the product of design is according to the industrial application,it is extremely easy to use for built-in low-temperature circulating pump and stainless steel water tank, all contact with the water, materials are made of corrosion resistant materials, effectively prevent rust, corrosion, microcomputer the number of LED controller, a temperature display, temperature setting, automatic adjustment of water temperature and the compressed air delayed protection function, the selection of brand-name contactors, relaying other electrical components,they are equipped with lights,it is very obvious for the perfect light and operation,built-in electronic water level indication and alarm device, the low water level alarm, the operator can control water freeze the water tank through the control panel , timely replenishment, design unique, each compressed air  system is independent, even if a system show problems,  it will not affect the normal work of other systems.

            Air cooled screw chiller features:
            Air cooled condnser is fin type,it is used double oil hydrophilic aluminum platinum, it is made for the professional exchanger with processing equipment,it has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, light weight, high heat transfer efficiency, large axial flow fan and a low speed, it can effectively reduce the operation noise, reducing the impact on the surrounding environment.
            1. unit control system adopts imported PLC programmable controller, man-machine interface touch screen interface configuration screen, simple and generous, easy operation

            2.The unit will has  reliable safety protection device, including: high and low voltage protection device, exhaust overheating protection device, compressor motor overheat protector, overload current protection, anti freezing temperature protection, water protection, emergency stop switch, temperature fusible plug, the safety valve.

            3.Hiross is a specialized production of kinds of industrial chillers,mold temperature machine, crushing machine, blending machine, industrial water tower and parts of the Machinery Company, professional brand, high efficiency and energy saving, service hotline: 0592-2131891
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