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            Some small sense of the cold water machine?
            Hiross (Zhangzhou) Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional refrigeration equipment, many equipment quality,such as: industrial chiller, screw chiller, mold temperature machine, grinder, cooling towers, blending machine, dryer, automatic feeding machine and so on;importing the foreign advanced technology, building the first refrigerated equipment and plastic machine peripheral equipment.And making the brand equipment,it is economical and pratical,pls choose Hiross machinery when you buy industrial chiller.

            A little common sense with cold water machine:

            As we all know, with the rapid development of China economy, application of refrigeration and cryogenic technology use widely for various fields in the society,it has attracted much attention for the large refrigerated unit cools with its large capacity,high efficiency,the  developing is very fast.In water chiller, screw and centrifugal chiller is  for cooling capacity, high efficiency, wide ange, compact structure, gas oil operating conditions,
            operation, compressed gas pulsation ,many advantages ands widely used in large refrigeration places, becoming one of the most important products of refrigeration industry.

            The following are some of the purchases and use requirements:
            1.The main control parameters of chillers is for refrigeration coefficient of performance, rated refrigerating capacity, input power and refrigerant type etc.
            2. The chiller should be based on the cooling load and use to consider.
            3.The chiller is selected priority performance coefficient for high unit.It may require cold of maximum according to the general extreme conditions when the design choose.According to statistics, the annual general chillers run time at 100% load for the total running time of1/4. Running time proportion in the total running time of 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% load roughly  2.3%, 41.5%  46.1%
            Therefore, in the selection of cold water unit should give priority to efficiency curve is flat type. At the same time, in the design selection should consider the adjusting range of water chiller load.
            The chiller selected, you will pay attention to the nominal conditions.The actual water chiller cooling capacity is related to the following factors.

            a) Outlet temperature of chilled water and flow;

            b)The cold water of the inlet temperature,flow rate and the fouling coefficient.

            We should pay attention to the normal operating range of the type of unit when the chiller is selected,the current of main motor shaft power limit is current nominal condition value.
            We should pay attention to in design selection: in the nominal working condition of flow, the cold water outlet temperature should not exceed 15℃, drying temperature of air-cooled unit outdoor
            should not exceed 43℃.If must exceed the range, we should know whether the use of range allows the compressor, power of main motor is enough.

            The above a little common sense is selected the industrial cooling water machine,pls inquire if you need hilp,you are welcome to call: 13386960808
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