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            HIROSS is a set design, development
            HIROSS is a set design, development, development and production of purification equipment technology enterprises. Our advanced technology as the core, after the international advanced processing technology, learn widely from others' strong points, to make unremitting efforts, combined with the use of high-quality components, development, development of Sea North series high performance freeze drying equipment,  the company produced a series of products have passed QS and ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification.
            How to reduce the cost of production in the world of today's increasingly tense energy? How to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises? Energy saving and energy recovery is an important agenda of enterprises.In production, such as Spraying Equipment, Pneumatic Controller, Electronic, Chemical Industry, Food, Medicine etc and other some Compressed Air.For the compressed air contains 100% relative humidity of water, oil, dust, if you don, t effectively remove it will directly impact the quality of the products, increase the cost of production and reduce the economic benefit.
            Our company used bran-new of designed concept, advanced producted equipment, modern of enterprise management, HIROSS has refined on the quality to require the series of Refrigerated Compair Air Dryer ,device of high efficiency, energy saving,It can completely solve the trouble that the compressed air is not clean , meeting your real need! Scientific and reasonable compression heat recovery of air compressor,it charges waste for treasure, it will be comprehensive utilization of energy, saving energy consumption too, avoiding the waste of energy for companies, to create and increase revenue,we will provide the best quality ,value-added products,timely and thoughtful service for you,it is our responsibility and also our sustainable development direction.
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